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Torquay, VIC (Wednesday January 19, 2005) Australian-founded surf industry leader Quiksilver is proud to announce continued and ongoing support for victims of the tsunami crisis. Through the newly established Quiksilver Foundation, Quiksilver immediately pledged AUD$630,000 to assist those affected in the region. The Foundation also established the Nias Fund - an initiative named after the famous surfing area in West Indonesia designed to specifically focus the efforts of the global surf community. Sustained fundraising efforts and on-location assistance continue to take place.

SurfAid International, a pre-established non-profit aid organization working to significantly improve the health of the local Indonesian people, is benefiting greatly from the Nias Fund and its team is working intensely to provide assistance. Doctors, nurses, community facilitators, interpreters, nutritionists and aid workers are among those already established in the region and in conjunction with the Indies Trader and other surf charter operations, have managed to penetrate the worst hit areas and provide medical assistance and supplies to those in dire need.

The President of Quiksilver International, Bruce Raymond, said: "We are humbled and motivated by the support of the SurfAid workers, the charter boat operators and crew, and our friends and surfers alike."

SurfAid is focusing efforts on their core competencies and therefore targeting a medical relief program designed to prevent the outbreak of measles, tetanus, malaria and cholera. Critically injured people have been tended to and in recent days the first mobile land clinics have become operational with hundreds of villagers at various locations receiving food, water, vitamins and immunizations for diseases such as measles and tetanus. They are also treating villagers for a variety of acute and chronic illnesses such as diarrhea, skin infections, goiter, fever and respiratory tract infections. SurfAid is distributing thousands of insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets to try to curb the spread of malaria. The organisation purchased more than 10,000 nets which they shipped in from neighboring Singapore, and they need even more, particularly family-sized.

At least five charter boats have been mobilized, each logistically coordinated by Indies Trader Co. owner Martin Daly who has excellent knowledge of the area. Other boats include Chris Scurrah and Christina Fowler of the Asia, John McGroder of the Barrenjoey, Mark Coleman of the Nusa Dewata and Surf Travel Co's Huey. Skippers operating in the field include Oliver Langley and Bill Kaczmarek. The mobile charter boats and land units have been operating in convoy and relay formations as respective teams negotiate sea and land passages to reach impacted zones on Nias and surrounding areas. SurfAid's existing field office in the port of Padang, West Sumatra, is serving as a logistical administration and cross-functional communication support base. The Indies Trader and other vessels bring with them their own water purification and independent communications systems.

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last week visited Nias firsthand to investigate the damage and he pledged Government support for rebuilding. In particular areas, such as in Sirombu on the central west coast of Nias where the coastal road has been washed away, local community members have supplied hand carts to carry supplies from the boats to more than one kilometre inland.

"We are very happy to have full medical teams on the ground in the region. The rapid response from the surfing community has allowed us to mobilize a major medical response at an area that is close to the heart of all surfers," stated SurfAid CEO Andrew Griffiths.

"This is the largest public health initiative ever undertaken in this region and it's made possible by the support of the global surfing community with seed funding from Quiksilver and the overwhelming support that has followed from the Indies Trader Company, Billabong, New Zealand Aid and Australia Aid, plus government agencies and individuals," continued Griffiths.

All monies raised are accounted for and channeled directly through the Quiksilver Foundation to support the Nias Fund, SurfAid International and other relevant aid agencies, with further fundraising efforts planned for the long-term recovery plan.

For daily updates of ongoing relief efforts in the region and to make donations to the Quiksilver Foundation, visit or direct to SurfAid Disaster Relief

The Nias Fund is an initiative of the Quiksilver Foundation - a non-profit organization committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of Boardriders' communities throughout the world in the support of environmental, educational, cultural and scientific projects.

SurfAid International is a non-profit organization working to significantly improve the health of the Mentawai people through local health and education programs. SurfAid encourages and coordinates the support of the global surfing community to help accomplish their mission.