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Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Joel Parkinson and his fiance Monica Pagano finally became proud parents around midnight on Friday night. Their new daughter Evie Kate Parkinson weighed in at eight pounds, and as the mighty proud Parko declared she is “just perfect”!

Joel & Evie Parkinson
Photo: Leanne Keilar

Monica went into labour early Friday afternoon, giving both mother and father a long exhausting and emotional day. Joel guided his new-born baby's shoulders from the womb as she emerged into the world. "It was easily the most awesome thing I've ever seen or felt. Just amazing!"said a very tired but almost euphorically stoked Joel.

Joel Parkinson, Evie & Moncia
Photo: Swilly

"Monica is great too. It's all just perfect," he added. Evie will be on tour before she knows it, probably as soon as late September for the European leg. The next WCT parents on the queue for their own bundle of joy are Kieren and Danielle Perrow, plus Troy Brooks and his girlfriend Leanne Keilar. Both couples have been attending pre-natal classes at the Gold Coast’s John Flynn Hospital with Joel and Leanne. Both the new arrivals are due in early July.