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Parko and Fanning searching for waves at opposite ends of Australia.

Ex Sarge, Kirra Friday 13.02.04
MICK Fanning and Kieren Perrow returned to Australia two days ago after a Rip Curl Search boat trip to a secret location in the Indonesian chain without scarcely having opened their board bags. An elite international ‘Curl crew including Mick, Kieren Perrow, and Puerto Rican American Brian Toth had been up there on a boat trip for the past two weeks, but as Kiernen put it “We got nada!” Totally skunked!

Mick Fanning
Mick Fanning at Niijima 2003 in waves not much
bigger than those encountered recently!

The crew did actually get wet one day early in the excursion, tiny waves under cloudy skies, but “you couldn’t call it a surf” commented Mick back in Coolangatta today. It happens huh! It’s every surfers worst nightmare and indignant scenario to jump on a boat for an envisaged dream trip, and encounter nothing but calm seas. By comparison, fellow Rip Curl team members Clint Kimmins and Jamie O’Brien, who were on the same boat two weeks earlier in the same undisclosed location, scored some excellent and sustained swell. They also spotted plenty of big tigers, “…and they weren’t in the jungle!” reported Jamie O’Brien of the numerous sharks they encountered. That’s the reality of The Search – Rip Curl’s and every surfer’s – sometimes you score, and sometimes you don’t!

Joel Parkinson
Parko 'can't wait' for more action

Down at the other end of the Australian continent this week, Mick’s fellow Coolangatta mate Joel Parkinson is also on a boat trip, cruising the tail end of Tasmania. He’s aboard with Shane Dorian and Brendan ‘Margo’ Margieson, who organised the trip. They flew down to Hobart last Tuesday to board a boat loaded with serious hardware including jetskis and a full quiver of tow-in boards. “I just can’t wait!” said Parko before flying out of Coolangatta, “The map looks good for Shipsterns mid-week, then after a couple of days of calm,we should really score from a low coming across the Indian Ocean that is just a giant red blob on the swell maps”. “I’ve never seen him more excited about going on a trip” said Joel’s fiancé Monica Pagano. Let’s hope Joel and the boys on their adventure down south, bring back tales of conquest in high seas when they return late next week. The map certainly looks in their favour. We wish the ‘Curl crew better luck on their next excursion.