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Recovering from his rad knee injury with high hopes

Ex sarge, Kirra, 5.2.04

Shea Lopez’s knee surgery has successfully been performed and appraised, and the talented Top 45 identity is now convalescing well after his radical wipeout in Hawaii during the Pipeline Masters. He is recovering in California at the home of surfing’s most famous and successful surgeon Dr.Warren Kramer. “I’m doing great! The surgery went perfect, and now I’m off the pain pills and moving around” said Shea this week.

Shea Lopez
Shea's floater that led to knee surgery

Doc Kramer has handled just about every major injury that Top 45 surfers have been afflicted with in the past few years, the most recent being Pat O’Connell’s knee, and Nathan Webster’s shattered leg. Shea’s injuries were quite extreme, with both his anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament needing to be replaced, and his medial ligament repaired as well. The anterior and posterior ligaments are those that basically cross over the kneecap, front and back, and hold the knee together. Sunny Garcia has been sidelined for months on end having done his posterior ligament last year. Like all the rest of the boys who have been under Kramer’s knife, Shea was fortunate to have the services of such a knowledgeable and skilled surgeon, and has high hopes for a quick recovery.

Shea Lopez
Shea is carried from the water after his horrific
smashing trying to land a floater in the Pipe Masters

Because of the need for at least a few months of recovery and physio’, the Floridian goofy will be missing the season’s opening Aussie leg. It will be the first time in 10 years that Shea hasn’t opened his competitive season with spending at least two months in Australia. He readily admits he will miss the experience, and no doubt, the crowds will miss his renowned pig-dogging on the Gold Coast points, as well as his flair in keeping on par with new school antics. Shea is hoping to rejoin the tour shortly after the Australian leg, and we wish him a speedy recovery to facilitate those aspirations.
“ Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone in the tropics, braced up and pulling in” said Shea, before adding, “…and I guess I'll just be an internet geek till then!”