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Palm Beach QLD could soon be without its fun and well known beach breaks as the council has decided to build a series of reefs each over 300m long, a dog bone shape, which from their own literature says it will not provide a surfing wave and will prevent swell from reaching the inside banks.
The reefs will be 250m off the shore, and the further stages of this project will see them moving to Burleigh, so all of the Gold Coast who surf beach breaks should be concerned.
Local councilor Daphne McDonald told journalists that surfers had been consulted, but the Palm Beach Boardriders and Surfing Queensland have not heard one word from the council since 1999.
This has the possibility to ruin a great stretch of coastline for local surfers, and for sure if they do the Palmy Army will be out in scuba gear with knives and all sorts of cutting equipment to destroy the geotextile bags.

Currumbin Alley
Going, going... Currumbin Alley definitely at risk

Before this happens though, the Palm Beach surfing community has organised a “No Reef for Palm Beach ” rally on Australia Day, meeting at 19th Ave , Palm Beach at 9am to protest the council actions.
Thousands are expected to protest an unthinking, non-consultative council’s actions, who have not consulted surfers, surfing bodies, or the local residents on the construction.
Surfing Australia Judging coordinator and former Palm Beach Boardriders Club champion and President Glenn Elliot is disgusted with the council’s actions, and is one of the main organizers of the rally, along with the Palm Beach Boardriders, and he assures me that the local community will not let this issue lie.
Watch this space for further information, the Gold Coast City Council is looking at a big fight on this one. As any surfer knows you don’t mess with the Palmy Army!