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05.01.04 - THE TOP 45 FOR 2004
Only three completely new faces in the crowd.
Ex sarge, Florianopolis Brasil, January 5th, 2004.
AFTER the laborious and exhaustive season and year of 2003, we now have the lineup for the rated Top 45 WCT surfers for this coming season. After all those events, all that travel, and all that stress, it’s surprising to find that we have just three new faces in the WCT crew for the first time – Kauai’s Bruce Irons, Raoni Monteiro from Saquarema in the Brasileiro state of Rio de Janiero, and Eric Ribiere, a Franco-Brasileiro who has long resided in Biarritz in France.

Bruce Irons
Bruce Irons

In case you’re unaware, the Top 45 each year is made up from three sources. You have the top 27 rated WCT surfers from the previous season, the top 15 rated surfers from the WQS circuit, plus three WPS (World Professional Surfers) injury wildcards, which are elected by the surfers. Those awarded injury wildcards this year are Sunny Garcia, Pat O’Connell and Mick Campbell. All three missed events this past season due to knee injuries.

Raoni Monteiro
Raoni Monteiro

Of the 15 surfers making the WCT tour for 2004 from the WQS ratings, we have several surfers who are former WCT surfers, and have now re-qualified for the top shelf. They are Californian statesman Shane Beschen, South Africa’s gentleman extraordinaire Greg Emslie, and the energetic young Brazileiro goofy Marcelo Nunes. Besides those three, and the three ‘new faces’ previously mentioned, the balance of surfers who qualified through the WQS tour were all 2003 season WCT surfers who failed to make the Top 27 cut, but had the insurance backup after contesting both tours all year. They include Neco Padaratz, Tim Curran, Tom Whitaker, Nathan Webster, Chris Davidson, Armando Daltro, Darren O’Rafferty, Lee Winkler and Toby Martin.

Eric Ribiere
Eric Ribiere

The Top 45 for 2004 then are:
Listed below in alphabetical order by surname.
Shane Beschen USA WQS
Taj Burrow Aus WCT
Michael Campbell Aus Wildcard
Tim Curran USA WQS
Armando Daltro Brz WQS
Chris Davidson Aus WQS
Luke Egan Aus WCT
Beau Emerton Aus WCT
Greg Emslie SAfr WQS
Mick Fanning Aus WCT
Sunny Garcia Haw Wildcard
Nathan Hedge Aus WCT
Guilherme Herdy Brz WCT
C.J. Hobgood USA WCT
Damien Hobgood USA WCT
Andy Irons Haw WCT
Bruce Irons Haw WQS
Taylor Knox USA WCT
Cory Lopez USA WCT
Shea Lopez USA WCT
Richard Lovett Aus WCT
Michael Lowe Aus WCT
Phillip MacDonald Aus WCT
Toby Martin Aus WQS
Raoni Monteiro Brz WQS
Dean Morrison Aus WCT
Paulo Moura Brz WCT
Trent Munro Aus WCT
Marcelo Nunes Brz WQS
Mark Occhilupo Aus WCT
Pat O'Connell USA Wildcard
Darren O'Rafferty Aus WQS
Neco Padaratz Brz WQS
Joel Parkinson Aus WCT
Jake Paterson Aus WCT
Kieren Perrow Aus WCT
Eric Rebiere Fra WQS
Victor Ribas Brz WCT
Kalani Robb Haw WCT
Peterson Rosa Brz WCT
Kelly Slater USA WCT
Nathan Webster Aus WQS
Tom Whitaker Aus WQS
Daniel Wills Aus WCT
Lee Winkler Aus WQS