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Ex sarge, Tavarua, Saturday June 3rd 2004. Page 2, Page 3
Well, as I wrote on the front page lead for 'Here and There', it's Saturday morning in Fiji. In about 90 minutes I've got to get on a boat to the main island to get to Nadi airport for a flight back to Oz at midday, and in typical form, I haven't even started packing yet. Yes, travel is a great and inspiring thing, especially when you're blessed to do it as habitually as I am - but packing (and airports) will ALWAYS suck. Travel is good - except for the travel itself!
I should have written yous a report on the final day by now, but as it ain't happened yet! Being my birthday yesterday, despite doing some time in a boat shooting some of the crew doing tow-ins at 10-12' Cloudbreak in the morning, I semi' hit the wall after an intense couple of weeks, and was basically over it. Later in the day, when I thought I better get my 'A' into 'G', and get that final day report written, the boys disallowed me sitting at the keyboard. "You're not working on your birthday!" they called. It seemed as good an excuse as any not to work.
Anyway, to keep you going until I get home and get that report up on the site, here's a mass hit of images from that final day. No they're not captioned yet (I'll get to that later as well), but you can get an idea of what an epic day it was. It was truly one of those days we won't forget!
"That's the craziest shit I've ever seen" declared Jake Paterson over Fosters after the presentation to Damo and Andy our champs. That's a big call from a guy who has been on tour for years, and has seen the best in the best. It WAS that good! Okay, have a good day...gotta fly! GODblessyas!

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