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From Sarge, Thursday 11th September 2005.

I might not be clocking up the flying miles at the moment, but I'm definitely amassing klicks on the bitumen. The last week I've been from the Goldy down to Coffs Harbour and back in a day, and then back from the Goldy to Wollongong and return. Here's a few pics, and familiar faces from along the road...

Packing the faithful old beast to head south. That's Shane Herring looking
eight foot tall over the other side. The former world number three and
Slater-slayer has been out in the wilderness for some 12 years, but with the
support of Quiksilver, and the culmination of some soul searching, he's
doing good. If we get some good swell in the next few weeks we'll be
matching him up with his old mate Shane Powell and going surfing. Look for

Now here's a bunch of good Aussie names for ya on the Braxton Highway en
route to Coffs. If you travel south from the Gold Coast towards Coffs
Harbour regularly you should check out this stretch of road. Yeah, you gotta
go via Lismore, but it's well sealed all the way, perfectly cambered, and
there's bugger all traffic, semi-trailers or low flying porkers.

Back on the Goldy after the Coffs run, here's a few of the Snapper crew -
both at work. Benjamin 'Farmy' Tribolet (L) is the operations manager at
Rainbow Bay Realty where heaps of the local Cooly crew go for their rented
hangouts. On the left is Dave Davidson, former Bondi maniac and pro goofy
shredder, and now arguably the best Learn-To-Surf and pro coach dude on the

A beautiful sunrise and pause for a prayer by the river last Saturday
morning at Macksville, on the magic north coast of NSW.

Another shredder from the late 80s and early 90s, Marcus Brabant is a happy
bloke down around his hometown of Port Macquarie, where he labours for work.
His girl Jodie was typically camera-shy for a family photo, so we went ahead
without her. Women! That's their three year-old daughter Taleah on the right
(Mischeivous Marcus in a girl's body), and son Ty Jesse who could get a job
as a wrestler or Occy impersonator at the age of one. He's built like a
brick shithouse. The mutts are Kilo and Jack Russell Jazzy-Fizzle (Taleah's
name choice). Marcus hasn't surfed for a year, but reckons he's keen to get
wet again.

Marcus Brabant applies a 'Boycott Bali' to my back window. I agree with his
sentiments - as long as we're talking about corrupt officials, not the balinese people who will forever remain a beautiful race. We give their country $500 million dollars and aid by the bucketload and all they do is laugh at us and prosecute us. The latest news is that they're allegedly urine-testing Aussie tourists at random over there in Bali. Who are they kidding? They're tripping.

Some old mungrels hanging the park bench. Checking the surf at Avalon on
Saturday afternoon, that's yours truly, former Pipeline Master Rob Page and
the one and only cinematic maestro Jack McCoy.

Cronulla author and free-spirit James Macmillan and his tin lids Colbey
(middle) and Blake. James is about to release a book entitled 'Blue Yonder',
out in book shops in Oz on November 1st. It's all about the soul and spirit
of surfing, and I've seen an advanced copy - great stuff! Look for it, or
check it out on

Hanging out on Nathan 'Hog' Hedge's back porch last Monday with Brett
Bannister (L), the Hog, and Curl Curl photog' Kelso.

Former WQS warrior and North Narra die-hard Brett Bannister and his pride
and joy, two year-old Jack. Banno installs fire doors these days, and still
surfs regularly.

Olivia support
The support band for Hawaii's epic band 'Olivia', who played at The Corso in
Manly earlier this week. Olivia are playing on the Goldy at the Kirra Sports
Club on Saturday afternoon. They rip.

The Olivia crew lining up for a collective mugshot at Greenmount before
heading south to Alstonville for a gig on Sunday night. The Hawaiian lads
fly out for the USA on Tuesday to resume a mammoth continent-wide tour of
the mainland. They play in Texas on Wednesday night. Hard workers for the

Another former WQS warrior Mick Cain, pulling in at Port breakwall on
Wednesday morning. The now surf shop proprietor is in good spirits as

Mick Campbell was once a top three WCT surfer, but now he's off the tour -
but not for long. The blood nut from Port Macquarie is still rippin and
intends coming back next year. Here he is with his brother Craig at Port'
yesterday morning.

We got wet between Port and Kempsey heading back north - it was 4-5' and
rippy and sweepy, but, well, that's the way it goes. Back on dry land, Rob
Page (2nd right) and his mate Steve Walder, a fellow APSA competitor from
Wollongong who now lives outside Kempsey, engaged in conversation with some
dudes who appeared out of no where with didgeridoos in hand.

Gold Coast
Back on the blessed Goldy this morning - small, but it's always good to come
home. Ahhhh...