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Ry Craike
Ry Craike was amongst a boatload of hot Quiksilver young guns who scored
good waves in Indo in the second half of April.

Dean Morrison
Dean 'Dingo' Morrison had a busy month of travel in April. The stylish
performer has re-signed with his former sponsor Volcom this season, but
maybe he needs sponsorship from a dog kennel as well.

Andy Irons
Andy Irons will be out to grab the ratings lead from former Billabong Pro
Teahupoo semi-finalist Trent Munro.

Luke Egan
Look for a big result at Teahupoo from Luke Egan. He's finished runner-up to
Andy there before, and wants one better. He surfed his brains out on the
Gold Coast right through April.

Mick Fanning
Quiksilver Pro victor Mick Fanning spent some of April surfing in Western
Australia, and is frothing to get back to the winner's circle in the
Billabong Pro Teahupoo.

Mick Fanning, Andy irons
Andy Irons and Mick Fanning lamenting a busted board earlier this year at
Snapper Rocks. How many sticks will be snapped by Mother Ocean this week in

Nothing much at all to do with the month of April, but a lot to do with everything...

Joel Parkinson
Parko was stoked with the hospitality of the Maori brothers in NZ.

Kelly Slater
Riding a twin-fin, Kelly Slater was one of a star-studded cast who scored a
day of barrelling Greenmount mid-April from out-of-control crowds.

Slotted in another Greenmount pit...

Dave Rastovich
Billabong's freesurfing soul Rasta was out there amongst the throngs at
Snapper throughout April...and always riding something different. That's
video shooter Bali Strickland behind him.

Mark Occhilupo
Occy scored a solid share of waves at home on the Gold Coast in April, but
some mungrel stole his 4WD one day while he was surfing! Two weeks later,
they still haven't found it.

Trent Munro
Foster's Men's World Tour ratings leader Trent Munro was cruising the
Mentowais on an O'Neill trip two days after his Rip Curl Pro victory at
Woolamai Beach.

Phill, Andy & Bruce Irons
Our reigning world champ Andy Irons (centre) and younger brother Bruce ( R)
are already over in Teahupoo towing into the big stuff. Will their Dad Phil
(L) be up there on the ASP stage congratulating Andy on his fourth Foster's
world title at year's end? Forty-four others will be doing their best to
prove otherwise.