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Parko off on his way to church to get married from his 'other altar' - behind the rock at Snapper.

Monica & Dan Pagano
Monica's father Dan Pagano leads his princess up the aisle to where Joel awaits to take her as his queen.

Joel & Monica Parkinson
It's not often that three people come back down the aisle united as one, but they were already a family. Holding their sweetheart Evie Kate, Joel leads Monica as they go for the backdoor (small 'b') thanking friends along the way.

Joel Parkinson, Andy Irons
Joel and Andy confer outside the church after Parko tied the proverbial knot. Who will win the race between the talented pair this year was most probably NOT the subject of conversation.

It was style all the way at Joel and Monica's wedding. Check the number plates on the Rolls'.

How's this for a heavy backwash. That's one of the Harrington twins trying to work it out. Both the twins shared a barrel at one stage on Saturday morning.

Local Bearsy gets adventurous in getting out as a freight train closes down under him.

Adrian Wiseman, Mark Occhilupo
Ado becomes the face painter for the boys after the hired clown has done the kids at Jay's birthday on Friday. Occy was one of the first to go under the brush.

Andy Irons, Adrian Wiseman, Joel Parkinson
Andy Irons (L), Adrian Wiseman and Joel Parkinson get into the face paint trip at Jay Occhilupo's 2nd birthday party at Snapper last Friday.

Joel Parkinson
The boys get some stomach lining before heading north to 'Hollywood' from Snapper on Friday

One of the Harringtons off an running behind the rock last Saturday morning.

Mick Fanning
Mick Fanning locked in deep behind the rock in his second session on Saturday morning. Two hours later he was standing at the altar in a suit.

Mick Fanning
The occasion that led the whole Gold Coast to party - Mick claims an incredible comeback win in the Quiksilver Pro after his radical injury last year.