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06.09.04 - SUGOII! SUBARASHI CJ!!!


28.07.04 - THE CHAMP TO CHASE - A quick chat with Andy Irons after his win in the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay.
- THREE black birds are flying home a lot earlier than they'd like, but they'll be back plump with confidence and glowing white with brilliance...


11.09.04 - FLYING BABIES
Ex sarge, Taranaki, New Zealand, land of reality, decency and brotherhood. 10.01pm, Friday nite, September 11th 2004.

Keiren, Danielle & Tosh Perrow IT'S on in the air, on in the ocean, and even on terra you read this offering, pitched at you via cyber-space from beautiful Taranaki on the south-west cape of the northern isle of New Zealand, the boys are either in the air, being hassled by US Immigrations at LAX, having lunch in San Clemente after (hopefully) a rewarding morning session at Trestles, or packing their bags about to head for all three of those things that go hand-in-hand with the Boost Mobile Pro, presented by Quiksilver. California here we come!

You can't be expected to understand the emotional pressure of being involved in a WCT event, especially as we get into the home run towards season's end and the annual climax of crowning our champ for 2004 after the gladiatorial annual epic of epics, the Rip Curl Pipeline Masters. Eewww! The WCT crew have had a very busy schedule this week...but they ain't seen nuthin' yet. Most of the non-Americans on tour, have been in three countries in the past week, their feet barely touching the ground as they flew out of Japan with smiles on Sunday or Monday, heading mostly back to their home countries, attempting to recover on a quick emotional and physiological re-cycle, before jumping on yet another flying aluminium cigar, to wing into Los Angeles.

The frustrating phenomena peculiar only to the United States of America, specifically Trestles, where the event organisers have to pre-nominate the days we are going to surf four days before the waiting period begins, in-fact turned into a blessing. At any other event on the planet, the boys would be interned right now in motels or wherever, waiting, waiting, waiting - being drained financially, as well as potentially mentally and emotionally. The weather maps early last week did not favour any Southern Hemisphere swells, originating from right about here (NZ), and buggered if I know 'how' they do it, but the meteorological pundits then called we'd start next Wednesday, run through Thursday, Friday and Saturday, leave Sunday clear for church or whatever our leanings, and finish the event on Monday September 20th. That means the boys have five days off, and that's 'sick!'

The break has been taken at home by some, albiet fleetingly. Undeterred by his early defeat in Japan at the hands of North Narra' brother Chris Davidson last week, Nathan Hedge flew out of Australia last Wednesday, figuring he'd be first to arrive of the internationals who ducked home from Nippon. You can bet your bottom dollar too that he's intending being the last one to leave - the last man standing.

Kieren Perrow flew out on Thursday, with his wife Danielle and two-month old son Tosh. It will be Tosh's first flight ever. The Perrow clan will be followed on Sunday by Joel Parkinson his girlfriend Monica, and their daughter Evie Kate, already a touring veteran at the age of four months. Evie was there in Japan last week to watch her old man finish runner-up in the Quiksilver Pro there, victory snatched from his grasp in the dying seconds of the final by CJ Hobgood. Whilst this remains a sport without form, results ultimately a blessing or denial from the ocean, my personal opinion is that the five main players in this our seventh WCT of the year will the Hobgood brothers, as well as Hog Hedge, Parko and Bruce Irons. We will see!

So, we're about to knuckle down to three back-to-back events across America and Europe. From the Boost event we zip over to south-west France for the Quiksilver Pro, and then the following event, the Billabong Pro Mundaka rolls into the window immediately thereafter. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen of the surfing world! We're off on a wild ride...riding the wild surf!
GODblessyas sarge