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02.07.04 - FINGERED, FUNCTIONING OR FIRING? - Who is fit, and who is not, for the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay?
- Scheduled to be in South-east Asia, but ending up on North Stradbroke Island.
- Another tale of battling the odds, this time by a young South African shark attack victim.
- Bordering on being maligned because of his focussed demeanour, Brasil's highest rated surfer is in fact a top bloke, simply misunderstood.
22.06.04 - TEARS OF JOY
- It was a freezing cold day, but even a blizzard couldn’t have blotted out the warmth of the spirit and love in the air for Andy King.

Dean Morrison
Dean Morrison will go anywhere for a wave, on a daily basis, and why not when you can exercise ability such as he has been blessed with. This was a lazy afternoon session at Lennox Head.

Joel Parkinson
Whether it's up the road, down the coast, or miles out to sea, Parko is a perennial hunter. He could have surfed small onshore Dbah this morning, but instead he made an effort, headed north and scored some clean pittage.

Danny Wills
Remember that shot a few years back, of Tom Curren doing a layback with his back foot off at JBay? The sequence showed him somehow recovering and everyone was blown away. WCT crew like Danny Wills do that these days every second wave.

Tom Innes
Margaret River's Salomon team rider Tom Innes spent some time on the Gold Coast in July and was stoked to chime in with Parko, Willsy, Dingo and Co., on a day trip in Dan's dad's boat.

Jock Barnes
Living at Lennox, WCT aspirant Jock Barnes doesn't have to travel far to look for swell...but he never stops looking.

Garth Parkes
To be honest, I can't remember if this micro-grom's name is Grant or Garth, but he's a 'G'iant from the talent-laden Byron area, eldest son of former kneeboard champ and shaper Dave Parkes. He impressed Parko and the boys on our boat day trip.

Mick - Wildfish Charters
Willsy and Dingo getting ready for a surf after buzzing up the inside of South Straddy on the Wildfish Charters boat. Good rig, good day.

Dion Agius
Talented Gold Coast shredder Dion Agius headed south on a crappy Goldy day and scored some glass for his efforts.

Former WQS surfer Sunny Russell now works at Noel Graham’s Lennox Head surf shop, but when it’s lunchtime he’s not content to just duck out front on the beachies. Ten minutes away he found this nice clean wall.

Dean Morrison, Garth Parkes
Dean Morrison & Garth Parkes