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28.04.04 - MOVING ON FROM A BEST EVER AT BELLS - Toby Martin wants to murder it at Teahupoo.
26.04.04 - FROM DOOR TO DOOR - Brasileiro Marcelo Nunes started surfing on a door, now a continued career in WCT surfing can open the door of opportunity.
25.04.04 - CARRYING EURO HOPES TO TEAHUPOO - Portugal’s Tiago Pires is keen for the Tahiti trials, and the WQS season ahead.
- Passing the good fortune down the line.
21.04.04 - SPRINGING STRAIGHT BACK IN CALIFORNIA - Barely home from Bells, some of the American WCT crew are back in contest singlets again this weekend
29.04.04 - ON THE ROAD WITH LOUIE - Luke Egan does the coastal crawl home from Bells and scores.
Ex sarge, Gold Coast, Thursday April 29th, 2004.

Luke EganWHETHER it’s hard off the bottom of a screaming wall of water, or around a tight and nicely cambered strip of bitumen, Luke ‘Louie’ Egan loves driving. The goofy powerhouse is equally adept at giving feedback on a car performance as he is on surfboard critique, a skill honed from changing his wheeled quiver almost as much as a dedicated surfer would vary and update his board quiver. In his current stable are two black Holden Commodores, one a top of the line Maloo ute, the other a Monaro coupe. His surf car is a well-equipped Toyota Land Cruiser. A man of wisdom and high standards, he maintains all three vehicles immaculately, as everything he owns.
Luke EganLuke enjoys cruising the open road so much, that he drove the Land Cruiser to Bells for the Rip Curl Pro, a 1700km marathon each way. On the highway back home, alone at the wheel, he bolted back up to his old Newcastle stomping grounds and then took four days to meander back up the north coast, home to the Gold Coast, and scored some good sessions along the way.
Luke Egan“The last seven years or so, if I’m not travelling with Occy, I travel alone and enjoy it. I like to be able to go where you want, when you want”, said Louie, forever his own man. Traversing the coast on the tail end of a week-long sustained swell, he was left presuming that locals on his route north were surfed-out, never encountering more than 10 or so people in the water, rare figures for the surf-crazed east coast of Australia.
Luke EganSpending several days around Forster, he revelled in super clean 4-5’ left-hand wedges, before scoring nice five footers at Angourie. In his own words, the trip was just ‘what the doctor ordered’, allowing quiet time to contemplate Teahupoo, as well as to reflect upon his losing a stunning round four heat at Bells with world champ Andy Irons. Luke EganTheir heat was arguably the showdown of the event, both Andy and Luke dropping the jaws of every onlooker with just crazy red-line performance surfing. Louie was understandably frustrated as the countback result was announced.
“When you have a heat, I don’t care who it’s against, and you’ve got two nines and two high eights, and still don’t win, you’re not going to be happy. Luke EganAfter cooling down and watching the heat on video though, I thought he absolutely tore the place apart and it’s fair enough that he won,” said Luke finally.
Luke was packing his trusty Land Cruiser again this morning, ready to head north to a remote island for a camping weekend with his long-time girlfriend Natalie Gruzlewski, who is a popular and well-known TV host in Australia. Because of their irregular and extensive individual travelling schedules, Luke could not have any better preparation for next week’s Teahupoo showdown than to spend time with his sweetheart, away from everything and everybody. Luke EganWho knows, next week he may even come up against Andy again, whom he finished runner-up to at Teahupoo in 2002. Luke is not about beating any particular individual though.
“I don’t care who I’m against these days” said Luke. “I just want to better my own performance, and that’s where I get satisfaction out of competing. Luke EganAs far as I’m concerned, no one else is out there, and I’ve got to keep getting the scores I’m wanting. If you can keep your scores between eight and 10, sooner or later you’re going to bust through for the enjoyment of a good result”.