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26.04.04 - FROM DOOR TO DOOR - Brasileiro Marcelo Nunes started surfing on a door, now a continued career in WCT surfing can open the door of opportunity.
25.04.04 - CARRYING EURO HOPES TO TEAHUPOO - Portugal’s Tiago Pires is keen for the Tahiti trials, and the WQS season ahead.
- Passing the good fortune down the line.
21.04.04 - SPRINGING STRAIGHT BACK IN CALIFORNIA - Barely home from Bells, some of the American WCT crew are back in contest singlets again this weekend
20.04.04 - PARKO SIGNS FOR FIVE - Parko signs up for five years in a multi-million dollar deal with Billabong.
28.04.04 - MOVING ON FROM A BEST EVER AT BELLS - Toby Martin wants to murder it at Teahupoo.
Ex sarge, Gold Coast, Wednesday April 28th 2004.

Toby Martin IF you were sitting in the channel last year watching the first round of the Billabong Pro Teahupoo, and saw the look of absolute stoke and exhilaration on the face of Toby Martin, and heard his hooting screams of joy as he scooted over the shoulder having been shot from the bowels of funnelling terror and thrill that are the essence of riding that infamous wave, the odds are that you’d still remember the sight and sound of that special moment. You might also have just some tiny gauge of what surviving one of those rides means to someone skilful and lucky enough to do so. In banking the 9.7 score that ride yielded, Toby moved ahead of Luke Egan and Mick Campbell, and moved straight into round three as a round one heat winner for the first time in his WCT career…but that was a year ago.
Toby MartinToby Martin is today going through the motions of what most of the ASP WCT’s Top 45 are doing this week: getting a quiver together for the formidable task of heading back to Tahiti to again take on ‘that wave’. Just two weeks ago he was on another emotional high, after achieving his highest result in three seasons as a WCT surfer. His fifth placing came from the increased confidence and speed of a new Mark Phipps 6’1” rounded square, and an intensified attitude brought on by a talk with former world champ Martin Potter at the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast.
Toby Martin“Pottz told me that I had to make people earn a victory. He said ‘Don’t give those guys anything! Make them work for it and don’t be intimidated – you’ve got nothing to lose’. He was talking tactically, as well as just smashing the back out of it on every ride, and that’s the way I arrived in Bells. I’d had the worst Australian leg ever, and I seem to do better when I’m pissed off” said Toby, with that focussed but almost deranged look in his eye that has earnt him the nickname ‘Murdz’, which is short for murderer.
Toby MartinToby finished second behind Mick Campbell after the Australiasian leg of the tour last year with a fifth at both Newcastle and the Maldives, and a nineth at Margarets, but after winning just one heat in this year’s Australian leg, he had plenty to improve upon. After a second placing in the opening round at Bells, Toby took out Peterson Rosa, Dean Morrison and Jake Paterson, before going down to Andy Irons in the quarters.
“I knew I couldn’t take out the champ by throwing jabs – I had to knock him out. Andy automatically thought I was going to give him the inside, but that wasn’t correct. Like Pottz said, you have to make people work for it – that’s what we’re all there for. I also couldn’t win making mistakes, but following the lead of Parko in the previous heat, I took the first wave, which wasn’t so good, and Andy got an 8.75 on the one behind. In the end, all his moves were top of the line, and you can only do what you can do. I was still stoked”.
Toby Martin “Teahupoo is one of the events I really want to do well in” continued Toby. “I did it last year, and if I can put four or five of those heats together, I can be a real chance. It’s a real challenge and I want to step up to the plate.”
The increased confidence reaped from that Bells accomplishment, and that 9.7 last year, will no doubt fortify Toby for next week’s mission, but as he knows, Teahupoo is not just another contest. It will be his seventh trip to Tahiti. Having previously mixed it in anything up to maxing 10-12’ there, and with a fire in his belly, you won’t be missing that murderous gaze. Toby Martin longs to be a contest serial killer.